Marketing Trends in 2019

Now that we’ve come back almost all of our holidays, (ha ha ha, what a good joke) it’s time to analyze will be fashionable in 2019 when it comes to marketing. I will not bore you too much, I was looking at coffee on trending items and we can recycle the same predictions that were last year with a few touches:

  • Artificial intelligence is on the wave (Facebook Messenger robots trying to sell your products or services is the simplest example).
  • applications that integrate augmented reality and virtual reality (Ikea has been doing so since 2014)
  • personalizing messages and content (newsletters, products, and content tailored to customer preferences and history to sell things that he really needs).
  • video (for years it’s been said every year that it will be the year of the video content, and the brands that invest in good videos have gained, the trend continues). Do not forget about live video, if you have who and what.

  • influencing marketing (we are already talking about nano and micro-influences, but I suspect that this year brands will calm down with the influences and start looking at the sales generated by them, not just how many Instastories they published).
  • messaging applications are becoming more popular, to the detriment of classical social networks (Messenger and WhatsApp are increasingly used by companies, and we have companies that talk more often with customers on these channels instead of email or phone) at the agency.
    visual search – Google has even more powerfully integrated smartphone search with pictures, you basically pose a product and you get recommendations for sites where you can buy it. From December and on iOS.
  • voice search (we did not catch in the country because the assistants do not support Romanian, but Alexa and Google are used intensively through the States and Western Europe).
  • Otherwise, I think Facebook ads will see a decrease in budgets in 2019, but not because Facebook goes to the valley, but because the Instagram hack is growing among young people, and brands wanting to sell their stuff will get more money there. We will not feel at all yet, most people still face Facebook. Google Ads continues to run smoothly.

Integration between creatives and content will become stronger, making it harder to figure out if we see an ad or a sponsored article.

If you work in online marketing and you are afraid of a crisis in the coming period, we have good news, when a crisis comes, marketing budgets are diminishing, it’s true, but many companies invest more in advertisements and online campaigns on the idea that they can measure more effective results. Talk to a friend, Winning!

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