I’ve tested a follow/unfollow service on Instagram for you

Going over the serious issue that Instagram has got on the content side, that is, filled with poor quality ads and affections that show off its ass for 1 likes , another problem for marketers is that a large number of followers no longer mean almost anything in a campaign, they are not relevant because they are too easy to achieve. There are a lot of services that make follow/unfollow according to certain criteria, at prices starting from 10-15 euros per month. How Effective Are They? I told you below, I did the guy with my personal account of Instagram, so you do not get your money on the nonsense.

We chose one of these automated services that offered free trial 14 days, namely instantdash.co. Do not be afraid to look for differences between them, there are not many, they do the same, follow/unfollow and like the pictures, plus minus some functions, the difference is the paid monthly price, from a few euros to tens of euros.

How does this service work? Provide access to the Instagram account service (great care, that Instagram can block your account), set up some tags relevant to your content, some interesting influences on your niche, some cities or regions where you’d like to gather followers, some comments to be automatically posted to their pictures and a daily follow / unfollow ration, not to seem like you are stamping too much. Some services offer all of these options, others just like and follow.

Afterward, these programs start to like those labels, follow and unfollow people who put pictures of those labels or are from the cities you are targeting, the purpose being to persuade people to follow your account, to attract their attention. Theoretically, the services promise you precise targeting and quality followers, basically the result is rather sad, and the part with comments left automatically does not think it works at all.

I set up the service to start on November 28, when I had 943 followers and followed about 90 people on Instagram; on December 12, I reached 1272 followers and 418 people tracked by me. I can say now that I’m a nano influencer on Insta, all the brands turn to me.

As far as the quality of the followers is concerned, it is not very much related to my targeting, I have also been awakened by foreign accounts, although I have targeted people from Romania. During this period of running this program, I did not do anything special, I’ve posted occasional shots on my account, but that’s all. I do not say that targeting is poor, but I find myself being pursued by many Indian, American, American company accounts, but say that 50-60% of them were accounts of .ro.

Did I get more likes on the photos? I think it has increased by about 5% of the average, but it also depends on what you post, I put any relevant hashtags for pictures anyway.

The conclusion? If you want quality people in your community on Instagram, services like this are totally useless, if you only want a bigger counter to put your nano/micro/mega tag Influencer might help you, but the term long I think more affects you.

For example, I do not say that followers of such services are not real, but rarely see them leave you likes or comments, they are not active but passive users, they look more at pictures, fewer likes, and comments.

On this occasion, I managed to see a lot of photos posted by the Romanians that the automatic follow-up service brought to my feed, so I can say that I did a sociological study on the Romanians’ behavior on Instagram, that the program followed without discrimination at people of all ages and of all social classes.

  • There are too many children unattended on Instagram, especially girls, with pictures that their parents do not know about. Let me tell you, Capatos’ future nurses are intensely trained here.
  • It poses enormous many bad selfies, and I do not understand the idea, especially when you’re ugly/ugly. Okay, one a month goes, 5 per day is embarrassing.
  • E 2018, but most Romanians still have weak and weak camera phones, otherwise, I do not understand where the pixels, blurred, low resolution is.
  • Romanians pose much private information, even in the form of pictures, and in clear. From a few pictures, you can find out where a person lives, what car he owns and how many he has, where he works, when he leaves home, when he comes back, what bars he walks in. Think a little about what this malicious person can do with this information.
  • It’s a hunger for Romanians on Instagram, something to scare. I also watch strangers on Instagram, but only Romanians see pictures of pictures with … my car, my house, my wife, my clothes, how good I am, where I walk. And I understand the pictures with beautiful places that make you visit a city too, but the Romanians do not do this, but they just take pictures to show that they are doing well like the rest. Most of these photos are embarrassing, with cheap cars, ugly dwellings, or trips to Poplaca, but if we know so much …
  • There is a lot of content being stolen, there are a lot of accounts dealing with that, downloading pictures on the net and uploading them to Instagram or music videos on Youtube and climbing them here. I do not know what the stake is.

This was about my experiment with Instagram and the follow/unfollow software. I was looking at the results above, surprised me more about what I discovered about users of Instagram in Romania. The glitter you see through the pictures of influences does not exist, most Romanians have trivial, offline and online lives.

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