How to get partnered with Twitch?

Twitch provides such amazing features that tempt us to be a part of it. And if you are already a part of it and have worked on the same for long and now want to move one step forward with it that is getting partnered with Twitch. This article will give you the insight of the whole process and will guide you through the process and also tell you the eligibility criteria.

The Twitch partner program involves some of the world’s most famous broadcasters, personalities, league, team and tournaments.

To become a potential partner.

While looking through your channel and evaluating it, Twitch mostly looks at different categories such as:

  • Content.
  • Average existing viewership.
  • Stream frequency and schedule.

Partners are all needed by the Twitch itself as they are the best broadcaster that the Twitch audience consumes. Hence they need people with large number of followers. They are looking for a partner that is followed by all and stand out among all of them.

Content is the most essential part of Twitch as through that it gains viewership and followers.

One has to stream a lot to attract more followers as that’s the main thing that makes you capable of doing so. Simcity Buildit Hack.

Let’s go through some simple steps that will guide you and motivate you to be a part of the

Gain more followers,

Keep improving your own page.

Once you are done with all and has requested to get partner with Twitch and finish out the process.

If by any chase you get rejected, you can ask Twitch to give you with tips that will help you to help herself best.

Some more tips-

Keep growing your audience and network with other streamers in your community. Also, be interactive to Twitch, not just for the gameplay, but how the person interacts in stream. What do their overlays look like? What about their panels down below the stream? What do they do on Social media & website? Do not copy from, but learn from others. Then create your own personal style that sets you apart from everyone else.

It is most important to remember that to most people success doesn’t come easy it is a long time process and requires a long time process.

Thus twitch allows you to get partnered and explore things well and be clear while streaming.

So yes work hard to get partnered by Twitch and enjoy and earn money like most of the people are doing nowadays.

How to choose a Laptop?

Gone are the days of large and bulky computers which aren’t the best tool for portable computing. Wait, Smartphones might come in your mind by seeing the word “portable” and “computing” , yes they are very portable and fast enough to carry out most of your daily tasks but PC still has a special space in our heart and apart from both of them, we got laptops, the  “Jack of all trades”, Compact enough to carry with you, yet versatile enough to run all your application, a laptop is the best tool for doing serious work or play at home.

But, while purchasing a laptop or any other electronics, we get very confused as there are lots of option and we don’t know which one is best and might be best for you and end up wasting our money. But wait, for what we are here. We will be guiding you to choose a laptop which fulfills all your need and your budget.

Set a Budget

For an Indian consumer, their budget is everything and everything has a specific budget. So, first of all, you need to have a proper idea that how much money you can spend to get a suitable machine for you and nowadays basic laptops start from 10K and go up to the heftier price of 1000K ( In this price you can arrange a marriage ceremony in India). But keep in mind you get what you pay. As, if you are willing to invest 15K to 20K, then you will get laptops of brand like iBall, Acer and Micromax with very low-end specification which will be enough for daily computing but if you are a serious gamer or need a machine for YouTubing and other power hungry task then you might have to stretch your budget to minimum of 50K at least

Now let’s move to our second step. Now we have to find the best in our budget and let’s distribute it in several questions

What size will be perfect for me?

Laptops are meant to be light and portable and this is the main thing for which you buy a laptop and after all a laptop’s screen size also determines the overall size of its chassis.

You need to think carefully about whether you’ll be traveling with your laptop or using it only at home; there isn’t much point buying an ultralight 13-inch laptop if you’re going to use it on a desk at home or in your office most of the time. A laptop with a huge 17-inch screen will be fantastic for work and gaming but will be far bigger and heavier than a 13 inch or 15-inch model.

A 15 inch or 13-inch model offers a decent compromise between ease of use and portability: as long as it weighs around 2kg, you probably won’t mind taking it with you in your trips. If you want something super-lightweight, opt for a laptop with a display of 11-13 inches.

If you want a compact 13-inch laptop then you should visit Asus store once because they have a wide range of compact laptop otherwise we would suggest you to go with HP or Lenovo if you want a mainstream laptop for your office.

Do we really have to care about screen resolution?

I think maybe yes, but not in all scenarios. As on laptops with smaller screens, a larger resolution doesn’t always mean more space. There isn’t a huge difference between a 15-inch laptop with a 1,920 x 1,080 screen (1080P) and a 15-inch model 1,366 x 768 screen (720P). However, the higher resolution does mean that text and icons will be a lot better and your gaming experience will be also better.

To get an idea of exactly what it is you’re looking for in a screen, We will suggest you visit a nearby store and try a few out. Might, Your eyesight will decide better what kinda screen fit’s you best.

Windows or MacOS?

This is one of the toughest questions, We have encountered apart from “Android Vs iOS” and it’s all depend on your personal preference. While if you chose windows, you will have lot’s of option whereas MacOS is only for MacBooks also try Growtopia hack, which comes under a premium segment.

So, if you want a laptop for work and home and can’t spend that much then you have to go with a laptop and if you can spend 60K-70K, then Macbook is the best option for you.

Which ports my machine should have?

A laptop has very limited room, so has far fewer ports than a desktop PC. So, you need to think carefully about what you need to plug in. Look, according to me, I’ll suggest you go with a laptop having a minimum of two USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports, SD card reader, LAN port and one USB Type C port will be a sweet treat ( To welcome the most awaited future happily). Ohh we also need a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Some of you might also need an HDMI port which isn’t that necessary but yes if you are a business user then it might be good for you for your presentations and other official stuff.

Now let’s focus on the story, “Performance”

Till now we have talked a lot about the looks of your future laptop, so now it’s time to worry about its innards.

Let’s first talk about “Processors”

Your laptop’s processor is like its brain and it’s very tricky to choose a perfect processor.

All depends on your budget. If you are willing to spend a maximum of 20K you have to satisfied with an Intel Celeron or Atom or you might also get an AMD, but I recommend you to go with Intel at this time. You will get a Pentium if you spend 30K, but believe me, you will cry a lot because if you stretch your budget 3-4K and search some shops near you, you can easily grab a laptop with a year old i3 6th gen. While if you go up to 50K to 60K you will absolutely get a laptop with top of the line chips.

Best processors never guarantee the best performance if the manufacturer hasn’t customized it according to other components. So, always try before you buy (anything).

How much RAM?

Random Access Memory, simply called RAM is the second most important thing you have to consider while buying a laptop and it is not necessary that a laptop with higher RAM will perform better.

So, for a beginner RAM is simply used by the central processing unit (CPU) when a computer is running to store information that it needs to be used very quickly, but it does not store any information permanently. That means better RAM means better processor.

Unless you’re buying a seriously cheap laptop, opt for at least 4GB, so you don’t have to worry about how many browser tabs you have open at once. If you’re going to be editing video, you’ll ideally need at least 8GB, although this amount of RAM is now common even in budget laptops.

As We said earlier higher RAM doesn’t ensure better performance. So, what should you care about? There is a term apart from numbers in RAM, yes you got it right. DDR’s, So always look for the latest tech as DDR4 or DDR3L. You might say why not DDR5 ?, The reason is it’s not in hands of many manufacturers and still who have them they use them for their top-of-the-line gaming series laptops, which will cost you around 4 to 5 Lakhs and goes up to as high as 10 lakhs.

The “Game” of Graphics

Most laptops rely on their processor’s integrated graphics, usually called “Intel HD Graphics”. This can play simple 3D games at low resolution at low to medium settings, but if you are serious about games then you’ll need a laptop with a dedicated Nvidia or AMD graphics, otherwise, you will see some major frame drops in many of the games. It’s hard to determine which graphics chipset will be best from the model number, So we recommend searching for graphics benchmarks online to see how a chipset performs in the latest.

Where to store my stuff?

Finally, we come to storage. So, basically, there are two types of storage technologies SSD and HDD. Talking about them, an SSD will make your laptop feel far quicker and responsive and it also has a great adverse effect on your laptop’s battery life, So is worth looking out for if you can afford it as it only comes in stock with premium laptops. HDD is basically the normal storage which comes with most all of your PC’s and a lot cheaper than SSD.

The most commonly used storage option is 500GB HDD and 1TB HDD in budget segment and the difference of price between them is just few 1000’s, So grab a 1TB laptop and in premium segment go with 216GB SSD and buy a spare 500GB/1TB Harddisk for your personal files.

Ideal Battery

Battery life should be a priority you’re planning to travel with your laptop because it’s not possible to travel with your power adapter everywhere. So look for a laptop with at least 7-8 hours of backup.

Again, Ideal battery life for your small, highly portable one should be around 10 -12 hours and for mainstream one’s it should be somewhat 7-8 hours

We have finished a lot but still, some questions remain unanswered. Let’s take a look at them

Should I go with 2-in-one or mainstream laptops?

It all depends on your personal preference, whether do you need portability or performance. So, you have to ask yourself what do you need.

(This needs a complete article to talk about which one is better.)

Where should I buy offline or online?

I will suggest you go and experience the laptops at your nearest store and then compare the price between online and offline markets and buy at the best price from a reputed shop for authenticity. Also, sometimes the offline market also offers great lucrative offer, so look for them.

Lastly, check out the manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure it’s at least a year long and know exactly what it covers, also see whether it has extended the warranty or not because sometimes 1 year is not enough and if you are prone to accidents then get you and your laptop insured.

By the way, Congrats on your new laptop. Hope you are happy with it and me.

Got any other laptop shopping tips? Share them with us in the comments.

Different ways to get more followers on Instagram?

Thinking about how to increase your followers on Instagram? Well, you are thinking so, that’s why you have landed here. Instagram is one of the best ways to gain engagements and create brand awareness. It has more than 200 million active monthly members. It has grown as one of the best social networking sites. It has greater engagement than Facebook. When Instagram is so much better than other Social Networking sites, why not use it to become popular as an individual as well as at a brand level.

We guarantee your success all that you need to do is to follow some simple steps. So here we go-

We will give you the best ways at the same time you need to be dedicated towards your account and work on it regularly.

Use hashtags, it does wonder

Hashtags are one of the best ways to increase your page reach more people and hence get more audience to land on your page and if you have maintained your account well you will be able to persuade the Lander to follow your account.

  • Create new and creative hashtags and use it everywhere on the page in your post and content.
  • Use location hashtags if you need to find an audience of a particular place.
  • Use the popular hashtags related to your page. For example, if you are a travel blogger use hashtags related to travel in your post so that it reaches the right kind of audience as we all know that Instagram now allows us to follow hashtags.
  • Create hashtags including your brand name or tagline and tell your friends to post it on their page so that it adds to your popularity.

It’s a compulsion add a good caption.

Your image or post is incomplete without a well-curated caption suiting well to your post and page. Caption adds on to the beauty of the page. As we all know that nowadays Learning how to hack Instagram is also like our personal microblog so we should never fail to write a good caption. Include famous hashtags related to your post in your caption.

Never fail to include a call to action words like share, like, comment, tag a friend to your caption. This will help your post get better engagements.

Try to also ask a question through your caption so that you can interact with your audience.

An interesting bio

Your bio should be interesting enough to entice people to follow your page. Bio is the first thing the users will see on a page be sure to manage it well.

  • Your name should match to your brand or page content. Try to make your name SEO optimized that is trying to include the most searched words in your name.
  • Add a good description related to your page
  • Add your website URL to your page it makes your page look more authentic.
  • Create Instagram highlights of your best story or post.
  • Add a well edited and attractive profile photo.
  • Link the most popular content in the bio.

Take help from other platforms or pages

Sometimes increasing followers cannot be done all alone you need some of the great people that can help you touch greater heights. Here are some of the ways to do so-

  • Catch up great influencers and create a good relationship with them as they can endorse your product and help you get a better reach.
  • Promote your Instagram content on other platforms like Facebook, blogs, websites etc.
  • Collaborate with famous brands related to your page it will help you get attention.

Be aware of unwanted photo tags

Don’t fall into unwanted tags from other accounts that may harm your popularity. Approve your tags before getting them.

Build up a chain – Read how

Follow accounts that are doing well and are related to your page. Pay attention to how well they are managing and curating content.

The followers of such accounts are your potential followers too. Follow them so that they get the chance to know that someone new has arrived in the market.

These were all the organic ways to get followers, though they work well at the same it takes time to do the needed miracle to your account. An alternative to that is to drive faster with Instagram Ads. It’s kind of paid marketing.

Create Instagram Ads

This is a fantastic and the fastest way to get followers or any desired action on your page.

Run Instagram Ads by selecting the desired location, right kind of people, interest, language, and many such specific filters.

Once you have selected all, Instagram will do wonders by showing your page to the people who are interested in your type of content.

For example, if you are a food bloggers through the Instagram page you will be shown or suggested to people you love food thus your chances of getting followers will increase in no time.

So I hope I have enlightened you by some of the best ways to get more and more followers.

Go on your mission to have a large number of followers and I know you will be able to do so.

Marketing Trends in 2019

Now that we’ve come back almost all of our holidays, (ha ha ha, what a good joke) it’s time to analyze will be fashionable in 2019 when it comes to marketing. I will not bore you too much, I was looking at coffee on trending items and we can recycle the same predictions that were last year with a few touches:

  • Artificial intelligence is on the wave (Facebook Messenger robots trying to sell your products or services is the simplest example).
  • applications that integrate augmented reality and virtual reality (Ikea has been doing so since 2014)
  • personalizing messages and content (newsletters, products, and content tailored to customer preferences and history to sell things that he really needs).
  • video (for years it’s been said every year that it will be the year of the video content, and the brands that invest in good videos have gained, the trend continues). Do not forget about live video, if you have who and what.

  • influencing marketing (we are already talking about nano and micro-influences, but I suspect that this year brands will calm down with the influences and start looking at the sales generated by them, not just how many Instastories they published).
  • messaging applications are becoming more popular, to the detriment of classical social networks (Messenger and WhatsApp are increasingly used by companies, and we have companies that talk more often with customers on these channels instead of email or phone) at the agency.
    visual search – Google has even more powerfully integrated smartphone search with pictures, you basically pose a product and you get recommendations for sites where you can buy it. From December and on iOS.
  • voice search (we did not catch in the country because the assistants do not support Romanian, but Alexa and Google are used intensively through the States and Western Europe).
  • Otherwise, I think Facebook ads will see a decrease in budgets in 2019, but not because Facebook goes to the valley, but because the Instagram hack is growing among young people, and brands wanting to sell their stuff will get more money there. We will not feel at all yet, most people still face Facebook. Google Ads continues to run smoothly.

Integration between creatives and content will become stronger, making it harder to figure out if we see an ad or a sponsored article.

If you work in online marketing and you are afraid of a crisis in the coming period, we have good news, when a crisis comes, marketing budgets are diminishing, it’s true, but many companies invest more in advertisements and online campaigns on the idea that they can measure more effective results. Talk to a friend, Winning!

I’ve tested a follow/unfollow service on Instagram for you

Going over the serious issue that Instagram has got on the content side, that is, filled with poor quality ads and affections that show off its ass for 1 likes , another problem for marketers is that a large number of followers no longer mean almost anything in a campaign, they are not relevant because they are too easy to achieve. There are a lot of services that make follow/unfollow according to certain criteria, at prices starting from 10-15 euros per month. How Effective Are They? I told you below, I did the guy with my personal account of Instagram, so you do not get your money on the nonsense.

We chose one of these automated services that offered free trial 14 days, namely Do not be afraid to look for differences between them, there are not many, they do the same, follow/unfollow and like the pictures, plus minus some functions, the difference is the paid monthly price, from a few euros to tens of euros.

How does this service work? Provide access to the Instagram account service (great care, that Instagram can block your account), set up some tags relevant to your content, some interesting influences on your niche, some cities or regions where you’d like to gather followers, some comments to be automatically posted to their pictures and a daily follow / unfollow ration, not to seem like you are stamping too much. Some services offer all of these options, others just like and follow.

Afterward, these programs start to like those labels, follow and unfollow people who put pictures of those labels or are from the cities you are targeting, the purpose being to persuade people to follow your account, to attract their attention. Theoretically, the services promise you precise targeting and quality followers, basically the result is rather sad, and the part with comments left automatically does not think it works at all.

I set up the service to start on November 28, when I had 943 followers and followed about 90 people on Instagram; on December 12, I reached 1272 followers and 418 people tracked by me. I can say now that I’m a nano influencer on Insta, all the brands turn to me.

As far as the quality of the followers is concerned, it is not very much related to my targeting, I have also been awakened by foreign accounts, although I have targeted people from Romania. During this period of running this program, I did not do anything special, I’ve posted occasional shots on my account, but that’s all. I do not say that targeting is poor, but I find myself being pursued by many Indian, American, American company accounts, but say that 50-60% of them were accounts of .ro.

Did I get more likes on the photos? I think it has increased by about 5% of the average, but it also depends on what you post, I put any relevant hashtags for pictures anyway.

The conclusion? If you want quality people in your community on Instagram, services like this are totally useless, if you only want a bigger counter to put your nano/micro/mega tag Influencer might help you, but the term long I think more affects you.

For example, I do not say that followers of such services are not real, but rarely see them leave you likes or comments, they are not active but passive users, they look more at pictures, fewer likes, and comments.

On this occasion, I managed to see a lot of photos posted by the Romanians that the automatic follow-up service brought to my feed, so I can say that I did a sociological study on the Romanians’ behavior on Instagram, that the program followed without discrimination at people of all ages and of all social classes.

  • There are too many children unattended on Instagram, especially girls, with pictures that their parents do not know about. Let me tell you, Capatos’ future nurses are intensely trained here.
  • It poses enormous many bad selfies, and I do not understand the idea, especially when you’re ugly/ugly. Okay, one a month goes, 5 per day is embarrassing.
  • E 2018, but most Romanians still have weak and weak camera phones, otherwise, I do not understand where the pixels, blurred, low resolution is.
  • Romanians pose much private information, even in the form of pictures, and in clear. From a few pictures, you can find out where a person lives, what car he owns and how many he has, where he works, when he leaves home, when he comes back, what bars he walks in. Think a little about what this malicious person can do with this information.
  • It’s a hunger for Romanians on Instagram, something to scare. I also watch strangers on Instagram, but only Romanians see pictures of pictures with … my car, my house, my wife, my clothes, how good I am, where I walk. And I understand the pictures with beautiful places that make you visit a city too, but the Romanians do not do this, but they just take pictures to show that they are doing well like the rest. Most of these photos are embarrassing, with cheap cars, ugly dwellings, or trips to Poplaca, but if we know so much …
  • There is a lot of content being stolen, there are a lot of accounts dealing with that, downloading pictures on the net and uploading them to Instagram or music videos on Youtube and climbing them here. I do not know what the stake is.

This was about my experiment with Instagram and the follow/unfollow software. I was looking at the results above, surprised me more about what I discovered about users of Instagram in Romania. The glitter you see through the pictures of influences does not exist, most Romanians have trivial, offline and online lives.